June 17, 2024


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Ep 118 How to Stay Focused on your Art

In today’s podcast we are chatting about how to keep targeted on your art.

In accordance to a analyze conducted by Northwest University, highly innovative people are commonly additional effortlessly distracted than the average man or woman!

Ep 118 How to Stay Focused on your Art

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And indeed, innovative men and women actually do seem to be to have a gift for welcoming interruptions with open arms… It is a way of procrastinating I believe. It’s possible there is a little bit of panic involved… possibly it is a way of staying away from failure! Or possibly it’s just in your nature to be flakey, like me.

I am the most effortlessly distracted particular person by character and I discover it so straightforward to get distracted from carrying out my artwork. And it is not generally procrastination for the sake of procrastination. I think it is anything I’m susceptible to in all elements of my daily existence. I’m one of these folks who will search for anything I’ve misplaced and then come across a thing I misplaced previously and and that I’d overlooked about, and then I’ll fail to remember about the matter I was looking for in the initial put!

Write down your todo list and block out times to do the job on your art

So for an individual like me I feel it usually takes a large amount of self self-control and some organisational skills to get past that and to get items finished. Producing down precisely what I intend to do and when I intend to do it is one particular of the very best methods for me.

And it is some thing I so often neglect to do, but when I do, do it, I am so considerably extra successful!

I discover it very best when I block out particular instances on my calendar to perform on my artwork.

Far better nonetheless, get the time to system the total week ahead. If it is there in black-and-white and blocked out of your calendar, you are going to be much far more possible to in fact get on with it and get matters finished than you would if you have been just attempting to fit it in amongst every thing else when you get a probability.

Create in regularity to your artwork


So I am a huge culprit of finding distracted so I am attempting to remind myself as perfectly as share my thoughts. My greatest downfall is Twitter

I consider regularity is a person of the keys to steer clear of distraction. If you can schedule your art in for standard periods and allow the men and women close to you know your doing work time.

I know this is not probable for everyone, but I like to have certain times that I maintain to be innovative. If I know I wlll unquestionably set apart time on all those days then I can use some of the other times for admin and other things I will need to get performed.


Use self-self-control and make artwork 1st

At the time you have booked out the time you want for your artwork, don’t make the error of turning on your computer system, or examining your texts or email messages. They have to wait around. The likelihood are if you do go down that route, you will locate yourself down a rabbit hole which is really really hard to appear out of. This is in which some self-self-discipline arrives in.

And when you are about to commence, really do not choose up an artwork reserve, or an artwork magazine, or something relevant. You could possibly assume that should really be alright because it is about Artwork, right after all, but there is a time for all of that. If you start out hunting at all those matters at this stage, it will only hinder your progress. It will not support you! Help you save individuals items for when you are performed. Feel of them as your reward.


I essentially did just what you mentioned a short while ago. I would not let myself seem at Twitter until finally I experienced produced some art. I know I can conveniently lose an hour or two advertising my function on Twitter. But if I really do not make a lot more at, there will be nothing to sell.

Put together reference in progress

If you use reference put together it in progress, I have a folder complete of faces I can use. I will also typically choose just one the evening before I paint. Or else I will spend as long obtaining a facial area as I will portray it

Chores can wait!

Chores can hold out. Funnily sufficient, when I labored at household on my own I would usually wait around and empy the dishwasher at lunchtime following I had accomplished a morning’s perform. Now Kevin is at home, from time to time I come to feel guilty if I depart it as he will do it as he is Mr Tidy.

Get up an hour before


It’s truly straightforward to get distracted when you have young ones residing at residence. And sometimes when you have young young children it’s just not possible to get absent from that. But when my kids were at home, I discovered a terrific way to get more than this was to get up and hour previously than than they did, and I used that ‘alone time’ to function with out any interruptions. But I do assume it is harder if you are making an attempt to work on a serious piece, simply because if you’re anything at all like me you are inclined to need to have a decent chunk of time, but if you just want to brush up on your sketching capabilities, then it’s an great time to get that accomplished.

Test and manage site visitors

Site visitors can also be a distraction. I mean definitely you want to make time for them, but check with them to come when you are done. Don’t allow for it to split up your day, mainly because the possibilities are, when you have walked absent from your artwork, you will not get back to it.

Essentially I’m genuinely guilty of that. If somebody states they want to pop in excess of, I come across that if they come in the center of the day, I automatically make a decision that there is no position in starting anything just before they get below, mainly because it does not give me more than enough time… But then by the time they’ve left I then really do not experience like I have enough time to get into one thing afterwards.

So I stop up executing almost nothing at all!

But I have toughened up on myself these times and now if an individual would like to appear in excess of I generally ask him to occur both 1st point in the morning or later on in the day and that way it does not consume into my creative time. There is an ingredient of remaining an artist that forces you to be selfish and there is no obtaining absent from that if you want to just take it significantly.

Flip off your cell phone


Telephones are a massive distraction. Switch them on to do not disturb though you function.

Simply call any person you will need to phone just before you start out portray, that way they are considerably less probably to interrupt you. I often paint on a Friday morning and often try to phone my Mum initial as usually I know she will possibly ring me when I am covered in paint and charcoal

Use social media blocking applications

You might also want to use apps for blocking ocial media blocking apps. I have used them before to quit me on the lookout at Twitter and Fb.

Use triggers for commencing your artwork


Consider building a ‘trigger’ for your creativeness. Mine, is switching on my fairy lights. Yours may possibly be lighting a scented candle, or placing on that painting shirt. Anything that will bring about your intellect into recognizing its ‘art time.’ After you have been performing it for extended enough, they will appear a place in which the instant you odor the scent of that candle, you will get into the artistic zone automatically.

Listen to your favourite songs, or podcasts

Also, hear to your favorite tunes, or podcasts as you work. This will not only enable you get in the zone, but will most likely keep you in it for for a longer period.

Just take breaks

So we have talked about how crucial it is to get in the art studio but never forget to choose typical, scheduled breaks. I don’t imply to have a cup of tea with a person else, but just to phase again from your piece of artwork and give you some place to reset.

It’s often very good to glimpse at a thing with contemporary eyes and if you do the job on some thing for too lengthy with out having a break you can simply more than get the job done a piece ahead of you know it.

Other than that, we need to have to shift! It’s shocking after you’re in the zone how effortless it can be to sit in one place for a number of hours devoid of really going. Which is not wholesome follow so we do need to have to try to remember to transfer about at times. Basically, my observe always presents me a nudge if I’ve been sitting down down much too long. I’ve bought just one of people apple watches and just about every now and then it tells me it’s time to stand. It’s rather awesome but if you do not have one of people then you could just established oneself an alarm. In any other case there are apps you can use like focus… these are applications that you can program situations to do the job and time to take a crack.


I in fact cannot really pay attention to tunes or podcasts any longer. I normally made use of to . But now I want really so I can get absorbed in my work. So test things out and see what works for you.

Timetable social media posts

Planning social media posts can distract you from what’s most essential. It is quick to shell out the initially hour of your ‘painting’ time, location up a camera to create a social media article. A superior way about this, is to established aside a distinct sum of time every single week, to produce and agenda all of your posts, stories advertisement reels once a week. I actually did this on Monday, theonly a little bit bothersome thing is you simply cannot schedule reels, but you can put together them and help you save them as drafts ready to article.

Also if you have the area and can leave a tripod in location all set to film your operate that saves time far too.

Have supplies laid out prepared (if you can)


I’m definitely lucky to have an art studio which is a dedicated house. But I realise not all people has a space like that. But if you can just have a smaller spot, even if it is just a desk in the corner of your living area or kitchen area, the place you can have your elements laid out completely ready to use, it will make a significant variation to your efficiency. It usually means you can slash out that time exactly where you’ve got to get everything out and established up.


Even if that is just leaving a sketchbook and pens near the couch.

Determine out when you are most artistic

If feasible, determine out your most resourceful time of the working day. This way, you will probably be far more focused than you may well otherwise. I imagine I am extra resourceful in the early morning.

Set targets for by yourself


It’s a really good concept to established plans for you, or at least set your self a checklist of weekly responsibilities that you want to get finished. And never divert from it. Prioritise what is most critical and complete each individual factor in advance of you begin the following.

It is considerably greater to get one particular thing done, than loads of things 50 percent finished.

So now you’ve listened to this episode, why not go and publish you a listing of all the things you want to get completed up coming 7 days and then block out the moments you are likely to get the job done on them.

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